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Shri Basavaraj S Hanagandi 2098 Master of Ceremony

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Tue, 1/5/10, birannavar basavaraj wrote:
Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 11:30 PM

Hi All,
The dates for the OBA meet were 26th and 27th of dec , I am sure each one of us were eager to make it to meet specially for this meet as it was in our school. I would like to walk you through these days with this writing.
Dr.Gururaj Biradar (GOB), Dr.Deepak chavan and Dr. Deepak Ambali were the member of the organizing committee and they were there both days with full commitment and enthusiasm. To begin registration, it was first by Praveen choudhari for WOD house and Jagadish Chandra for HOY house. Praveen’s was understood but jagdish’s was a surprise as he had to prove wrong his name Niddi which he had earned with full dedication in the school tenure. Thereafter response at the registration was overwhelming with the total now reaching more than 550. Then joined Shreeharsha, naveen and appaji , ravikumar and sanjeev with their family . They visited Mr Ramurthy who is recovering from his serious health problem. I entered the school at 4.30 pm and was delighted to see so many ajeets around. From our batch there were mallikarjun, arun, and DB nayak in addition to the above mentioned guys. As we were entering the WOD house, where we were accommodated. It was like getting back to the school after a vacation this time being a long one . Houses are the same but on seeing after a long time, we realized that there was lots of greenery in the house and barracks were much neat and clean with sufficient lighting and ventilation. In all, each and every corner is touched for the better. Then we quickly changed and started walking towards football ground, on the way, we noticed Ajeets playing volley ball, football and of course hockey. Mr maslamani sir was there in the ground as usual, training the team. PKM, mallya, niddi,arun,DB nayak and me entered the ground to play football. It took 5-10 min for me and pavya to get into the flow of the game. while , the same time was needed for others to get off that . We played for next 30-40 min while others were busy clicking snaps. Then we went back and had shower and rushed towards auditorium. That was where shetty and gururaj biradar, chimmad and habib joined us with their family There was cultural program which we enjoyed as much as we enjoyed meeting our seniors, juniors and teachers.
After the cultural program we headed towards the place where we used to do thursday parade, mashal and which is also well known for our batch as rolling spot, where we rolled and rolled (initiated by PKM) quadrangle for a cocktail party. We felt great to be a part of the party, any where u look at, you have ajeets or their family. We, all our batch mates, managed to get some chairs settled for few sips of drinks. Mean while we managed to have group photos and few photos with Mr GD kale sir. As all of us were in the best of the mood and josh. We had no worry about side dishes and dinner as all of us managed to grab a piece chicken and have dinner in only 2 plates of Chandrya and DB nayak . while the party was on, some of us hit the floor and danced, appaji was as cool at dancing as much hot he was within.Niddi’s dance was rocking but only in the pic. After the party, we dispersed ,some of us to hotel, some to their house and rest of us to WOD house 1st barrack. On the way back to Wodeyar house, we met Mr Vijaykumar sir, who still is as much enthusiastic as he was at our school days. We went to bed at around 2 AM and had a sound sleep.

Chandrya wanted to go to PT, cross country, swimming and athletics in the morning (at least in the photo) so some of us got up early at around 6.30AM and went for a round (me, chandrya and DB nayak) we took a walk from WOD house towards mess, then to HOY house and VIJ house we went inside the houses and refreshed all the memories we had while we were in school and exchanged words to prove their respective house was the best. Then we moved towards swimming pool which was closed, then we proceeded towards 2nd gate and noticed that there are several tasks to train ajeets for SSB, then we got into athletic ground , chandrya won the 20 m race with only competitor DB nayak. Then chandya set his new record in long jump with the jump measuring 2 m (hope he breaks this record in his next visit). Then there was small gaurd of honour and command . Then we walked in WOD house, had our shower and went to mess for breakfast.

Infrastructure in the mess has improved to great an extent now. New steal tables, movable seating place, TV, automatic chapatti maker etc… We had idly, vada and sira for breakfast. Taste was exactly the same as it was. We all batted like as if we will not get it again (in fact it is true). while we were eating nagaraj parandi jaoined us. After the breakfast, we moved to auditorium. There were talks from dignitaries’ like Ajeet Major General Mirji Sir, Ajeet Mr Sshok Dhalvai etc… Then representative from each chapter spoke. Talks were short and fascinating, all directing to love and affection towards the school and how best we can pay back. After all this ,there was a pin drop silence as usual, when Mr GD kale sir started speaking. He initiated, inspired, motivated, and kept the momentum rolling as ever before. After this flag was handed over to Pune chapter to organize the next year meet at Pune. Then we all took a snap and headed for lunch. We had to wait for our turn for some time as the queue was huge. Once we got the turn, we hogged and hogged, till our stomach was left with no place. It was around 3.30 pm ,by then mallya, arun and appaji had left. Then we took some snaps and started dispersing. We went to houses and packed our bags and were outside the Wod house with the bags by 4.10 pm as we had to catch up a train. Me, DB nayak, chandrya fitted in to gurya’s car and PKM, nagu,naveen, sreeharsha fitted in Deepak chavan’s car. we said bye to shety and proceeded. In the main gate we spent few minutes with habib and ravikumar and headed towards station. In the car, we were chatting so many things. Among those one which Chandrya told was, we have captured all the pic from A to Z. only thing remaining is a pic of the golgumbaz ( we were reaching golgumbaz, in 2-3 min) Guess what! by the time we reached there, chandriya was asleep, to keep up his name (niddi). Then we reached station and chatted for 5-10 min and saw off. Then me,niddi,sheeharsha ,naveen and DB nayak checked in the station.
It was completely our pleasure to be a part of this meet. we all enjoyed a lot, we would have enjoyed even more with each one of your presence.
Here are the links of the photos from different cameras and one folder which has our schooldays pics

http://picasaweb. google.co. in/jagadish2445/ JagadishChandra_ 2445#

http://picasaweb. google.co. in/dearbasav/ PKMSSBJ#

http://picasaweb. google.co. in/dearbasav/ DeepakN2455? authkey=Gv1sRgCM vT-Jyd0pX2Zg#

http://picasaweb. google.co. in/dearbasav/ NaveenHiremathSS BJ?authkey= Gv1sRgCMTR0sK599 fLWg#

http://picasaweb. google.com/ jagadish2445/ SchoolDaysPics#


Basavaraj Birannavar
1996 Pass out
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Subject: [ssbj97] OBA walk through & photo links
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