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Shri Basavaraj S Hanagandi 2098 Master of Ceremony

Sunday, January 17, 2010

 OBA meet review

Thursday, 31 December, 2009 3:04 AM
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Hi friends,
My OBA meet started on 20th Dec when I met RK, Veeru n Vishwas in Mumbai.
Very excited & inquisitive soul was satisfied on 26/ 27th when my batch mates met, shook hands & hugged me with affection & that lovely Bijapur slang tones, nan Magana.. Types.
I reached Bijapur in the morning , where in buoyant Utlaskar came to receive me and dropped at KEB guest house where GB had arranged for our stay.GB was constantly calling me to ensure I was fine at the Gst House, When he told he was traveling with Sooraj my joy just multiplied, he was not hat VIII, IX, X Sooraj as I saw him, now he is a grown army man, sporting a thick moustache & broad shoulders, quite masculine of course. Gb came with couple of friends , we went to the school.. had lunch there .
Later I Bhosle, CR, RK, Vishwas,Mahantesh met at the mess, had a chat with all of them, I should not forget to mention RK, inspite of he being on down with fever & on antibiotics was trying his best to cope with the scene & he did.
Utlya was taking care of all our batchmates as if it was his own family function , had arranged a SUV for our services. What a spirit. The spirit he showed was definitely not from the distillery . LOL.
Later in the late evening at the Quadrangle for the Cocktails. we were all at one table with GB,CR,Sooraj, Bhavi,Nagya, Utlya,Vishwas( makkalya) .. all were in Scottish mood. High HINGLISH n all intellectual thoughts .
Utlaskar invited each one of us & families to his home for breakfast. All of us had a pleasant time at his residence. Shapya,Bellad n Padennanavar also joined with their families . Then RK guided on Pachya¡¦s rolling trophy n the further utilization of the fund.
Then , the families went for sightseeing, later all joined for lunch. After lunch we dispersed..
Utlya gave mementos (really felt as if he had taken the OBA meet as his family function, he treated each one of us with so much care).I came to Hubli with CR, GB, Mali .. it was really nice to be with them.. CR not only microbiologist at University, he is micro sensitive to all current situation, enlightened with his hitech knowledge throughout the journey. GB arranged the best.. stay , travel, nice company to be with.Later in the night after reaching Hubli, I, GB & Mali dined n dropped me at the hotel, then departed.
Next day I met Shashikant Malapur, had some good time with him.In all,it was a very memorable tour of my lifetime, need not tell you guys I shall be a regular at OBA meets in future..
I also suggest that we should meet with our families at least once a year at a place of interest where our families,kids enjoy.
Best regards

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